1. Download and extract archive to get core-current.iso
  2. Run it in qemu: $ qemu-system-x86_64 -cdrom core-current.iso -boot d
  3. Launch gdb, attach to the qemu process
  4. Search memory for SECCON
  5. Get flag: SECCON{elf32-i386}
# gdb /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64
gdb-peda$ ps -e | grep qemu
gdb-peda$ attach 1246
gdb-peda$ find 'SECCON'
Searching for 'SECCON' in: None ranges
Found 3 results, display max 3 items:
mapped : 0x7f10c4606c68 ("SECCON{%s}")
mapped : 0x7f10c473de84 ("SECCON{elf32-i386}")
mapped : 0x7f10cb03c1a4 --> 0x4e4f43434553 ('SECCON')
gdb-peda$ q

SECCON Online CTF 2015 - Reverse-Engineering Android APK 2

06 December 2015 by sku

Writeup for the reverse engineering and web exploitation challenge APK 2.

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